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The fear

Who has ever heard of the saying (or is it a sentiment) that fear is a waste of emotion?   I tend to think this is a pretty accurate depiction.  Mostly because fear is almost always a feeling about an event that may or (more often) may not happen.  And it can be totally debilitating. … Continue reading

Biking in the city – that’s NYC

On the bike! My training for the half ironman has been really intense over the past few weeks.  In particular, I have ridden the past 3 Saturdays consecutively over increasing distances, first 50 miles, then 60 and last Sat 70 miles.  That’s 110km, I can hardly believe it myself.  We always follow our long rides … Continue reading

Soon to be half an iron woman.

This week I finally took the plunge and did what I’ve been threatening to do for a few months now.  I entered my inaugural 70.3 race.  Otherwise known as a half ironman (although I tend to think it should be called an ironperson). So it seems, by this time in 3 months, all going well … Continue reading

Still living life large

I saw a link to an Australian Facebook group today, aimed at women under 50 diagnosed with breast cancer.  Next thing you know, I was plunged into the world of breast cancer, mastectomies, reconstruction, chemotherapy and the like as I read the pages filled with stories of fear, anger, frustration and hope. Which reminded me … Continue reading

Oh, just in case you were wondering where I was during all the triathlon excitment….I was totes there of course!    Auntie Micole and Uncle Tommy kindly took me out to watch mum run by (we missed her coz she’s too fast though).  We were there at the end but and I was very proud, … Continue reading

All the action on triathlon day, sporting my Freds Team orange and quite often a smile (all things considered).

Despite my fear, now that the NYC Triathlon is DONE, I can say it was totally enjoyable, I loved it!  What next?

Fun Raising!

Fun Raising!

So, it’s now official….I have exceeded my minimum target of $3.5k.   With 2 and a 1/2 weeks to go and the drinks event still ahead, I’ve even gone as far as raising the bar a whole lot to a new target of $10k.  Why not aim high I say. If like Ann Marie you … Continue reading

The kindness of strangers and other happenings

Lately, I have largely been enjoying my new found freedom from regular hospital visits.   I have been to the hospital, but only as the support, rather than the patient.   Strangely my fear about the future has receded, much more quickly than I ever anticipated.   Look, I’m sure I’m going to have my … Continue reading