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One of my absolute favorite things about living in New York is it’s proximity to the rest of the world. I must say I said the exact same thing about London when I lived there many moons ago (13 years in earth time). On the long weekend just gone (Presidents Day) we took advantage of … Continue reading

This post is long over due.  But I was a sickie last week.  And then I went to Jamaica Mon over the long weekend.  Anyway, here it is, Central Park, NYC after a serious dumping of the white stuff thanks to Nemo.  So pretty.  As you can see Chilli Sparkles and I both loved it.

And then I went to Aspen.   Totally indulgent, fabulous and surrounded by my very special family.  Happy, happy, happy.  Easy to enjoy, hard to forget 😉

Snow time!  I’ve never seen snow before, and it was really cool that my first experience was in my favorite place in the whole world – Central Park. I had soooo much fun running and playing in the snow, but I must say it’s pretty cold.  Once I was back on the lead and only … Continue reading