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Tribute video for Nicole

Lessons learned. Grief is not linear. I am not gradually feeling better every day. Some days are much easier than others. That’s about all I can aim for right now. Last week Nicole’s work place in NY held a memorial service in her honor. They paid for her mum to travel from Australia to attend. … Continue reading

Citibike love

Citibike love! I got my Citibike key in the post shortly after surgery and I couldn’t wait to be recovered enough to hop on.  Of course I got on a bike well before I should have.  But I quickly discovered that biking put less pressure on my feet than walking (it’s true I promise).  My … Continue reading

2 years on already?

2 years on already?

I recently returned home for one of my dear friends weddings.  Actually the wedding was in Bali, but it was close enough to home so the trip included not one but two side visits to Sydney – on the way there and on the way back. I must say, leaving NY after having moved here … Continue reading