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Love at first site – Washington DC

Love at first site – Washington DC

My first trip to Washington DC wont be my last. I spent 2.5 days in DC and felt like I’d really only scratched the surface. I also managed to coincide my trip with the Government shut down, so there was no entering of the galleries and landmarks to be had.  Then again, perhaps that was … Continue reading

3 year cancerversary

September 2013…so far anyway! Tennis, baseball, Brooklyn, my 3 year cancerversary, new friends, old friends, work friends and some pretty sky’s.  That’s what’s been happening so far.   Oh and Chilli Sparkles is enjoying getting around on the subway.  These days she actually gets excited when she sees her trusty transport (aka black travel bag). … Continue reading

Dating in a post breast cancer world

We’ve all heard of women who met the love of their life after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  There’s even a girl in a young pink sisters facebook group I belong to, that recently got engaged to a man she started dating in the thick of chemo.  These are the stories I love hearing about, … Continue reading

Adventures of mum and me

Mum’s (aka pat the rat) New York visit, June/July 2013 My mother came to stay with me for a huge 5.5 weeks over the beginning of summer.  My sister joined us for the first 10 days, and our truly excellent Turks and Caicos adventure, then mum stayed on for another month after that. This was … Continue reading

Proudly iron like

Niagara Falls – and an almost FALL. After the ironman adventure was done, it was on to the next adventure.  As it turns out, Niagara Falls is a mere 2.5 hours drive from Syracuse, so why not keeping driving we thought.  Straight after the race was done, we hopped in the car and high tailed … Continue reading

I am a half ironwoman, yes I am!

Ironman Syracuse 70.3, 2013…..I did it! But gee it was tough.  The course is hilly, it was hot (over 90F). I was coming off the back of strep throat and on antibiotics.  But the real problem if I’m totally honest was…..well….I really don’t think I did enough bike training.    Now the swim was great. … Continue reading