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Ironman inspiration

Canada – Mont Tremblant Ironman (IMMT) Last weekend I went to watch my friend Heather do her first ironman. Lucky for me this meant traveling to Canada/Montreal/Mont Tremblant. I’d never been to Canada before which made it all the more exciting and adventurous. And it was. Of course it made me want to do the … Continue reading

The fear

Who has ever heard of the saying (or is it a sentiment) that fear is a waste of emotion?   I tend to think this is a pretty accurate depiction.  Mostly because fear is almost always a feeling about an event that may or (more often) may not happen.  And it can be totally debilitating. … Continue reading

I am a half ironwoman, yes I am!

Ironman Syracuse 70.3, 2013…..I did it! But gee it was tough.  The course is hilly, it was hot (over 90F). I was coming off the back of strep throat and on antibiotics.  But the real problem if I’m totally honest was…..well….I really don’t think I did enough bike training.    Now the swim was great. … Continue reading

Biking in the city – that’s NYC

On the bike! My training for the half ironman has been really intense over the past few weeks.  In particular, I have ridden the past 3 Saturdays consecutively over increasing distances, first 50 miles, then 60 and last Sat 70 miles.  That’s 110km, I can hardly believe it myself.  We always follow our long rides … Continue reading

Time for some iron

Time for some iron

When last I wrote I was full of bravado and bullet proofness.  I’m afraid to say things haven’t been all that straight forward in the time since then.  Sure, I’ve had some high times, but life has also interfered with the ride along the way. I’m about to tell you something that you may not … Continue reading

Soon to be half an iron woman.

This week I finally took the plunge and did what I’ve been threatening to do for a few months now.  I entered my inaugural 70.3 race.  Otherwise known as a half ironman (although I tend to think it should be called an ironperson). So it seems, by this time in 3 months, all going well … Continue reading