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Summer time in the city – NYC

NYC Summer 2013 I have finally spent a couple of weekends at home and recovered enough to get out and about.  Lots of people complain about New York in summer (it’s too hot, it smells etc).  But I love it.  I would have to say my favorite part is the Hudson at dusk.  So pretty … Continue reading

Citibike love

Citibike love! I got my Citibike key in the post shortly after surgery and I couldn’t wait to be recovered enough to hop on.  Of course I got on a bike well before I should have.  But I quickly discovered that biking put less pressure on my feet than walking (it’s true I promise).  My … Continue reading

How to recover from foot surgery

Riverview B&B Nyack 3 weeks ago I hard surgery on my feet.  Yes both of them.  I had a condition called Hallux Rigidus which is fancy Dr speak for rigid big toe apparently.  I had to have a bilateral cheilectomy and youngswick austin osteotomy.   They shaved off my bone spurs and put a screw … Continue reading

Friends.  I do love having visitors, for many reasons, one of which is I get out and about this wonderful city more than usual, playing tourist.  And all of this happened on day one of Jenni’s first ever visit to NYC.

This morning (well it was almost afternoon by the time I left) I headed out for an 18km run.  Just your average Sunday, at least your average Sunday if you’re doing a 1/2 marathon in a few weeks time!  Yes tis true, 3 weeks today I am doing the New York CIty Half. I ran … Continue reading

So if you haven’t figured it out yet, the weather has officially (rather quickly) changed – Fall (Autumn) is here in earnest.  I’ve actually decided I don’t mind it being cold, as long as it’s not raining or windy.  In fact, when I was running today along the Hudson, I was totally happy with Fall, … Continue reading

Despite my fear, now that the NYC Triathlon is DONE, I can say it was totally enjoyable, I loved it!  What next?

OUR ROOFTOP Right now there are signs in our elevators forbidding us from watching the 4th of July fireworks tonight on the rooftop.  Big mistake, as we didn’t even know we had access to the rooftop.  And now I understand.  We have the most ridiculous, amazing view of NYC on all four sides, I mean … Continue reading