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On the Streets of Philadelphia….

On the Streets of Philadelphia….

On the Streets of Philadelphia. First visit to Philadelphia and I was impressed.  It’s kind of small, but it packs a punch.  I managed to squeeze a lot out of it in a short time.  Chilli liked it too.  For me, the highlight was definitely wandering around the streets, soaking in the vibe and culture. … Continue reading

Chilli and I do Montauk

Montauk.  Again.  We can’t and wont get sick of it – back again next weekend = happy gals (speaking for Chilli too).  This time we stayed at the Yacht Club.  It was OK, great amenities but a bit too far out of town for our liking.  Highlight was spending my Sunday on the hotels mini … Continue reading

Hi all, check out my new puffer coat – mum FIIIIIIIIIINALLY got around to buying me a decent one. It’s super warm.  Actually when I’m doing my sprint training, I get a bit too hot.  But let’s face it, I look cool and that’s the main thing. Took mum to the park this morning and … Continue reading

Oh, just in case you were wondering where I was during all the triathlon excitment….I was totes there of course!    Auntie Micole and Uncle Tommy kindly took me out to watch mum run by (we missed her coz she’s too fast though).  We were there at the end but and I was very proud, … Continue reading