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Biking in the city – that’s NYC

On the bike! My training for the half ironman has been really intense over the past few weeks.  In particular, I have ridden the past 3 Saturdays consecutively over increasing distances, first 50 miles, then 60 and last Sat 70 miles.  That’s 110km, I can hardly believe it myself.  We always follow our long rides … Continue reading

Hi all, check out my new puffer coat – mum FIIIIIIIIIINALLY got around to buying me a decent one. It’s super warm.  Actually when I’m doing my sprint training, I get a bit too hot.  But let’s face it, I look cool and that’s the main thing. Took mum to the park this morning and … Continue reading

This post is long over due.  But I was a sickie last week.  And then I went to Jamaica Mon over the long weekend.  Anyway, here it is, Central Park, NYC after a serious dumping of the white stuff thanks to Nemo.  So pretty.  As you can see Chilli Sparkles and I both loved it.

Central Park never gets tired for me.  This shot was taken on my walk this morning, it was about 7am and the sun was coming up.  The sky was such a beautiful color – I just wish the picture did it more justice.

Hi it’s me CS, checking in from Green Leaf.  As you can see, it’s not the barrel of laughs mum pretends.  In fact there is wire fences and frankly they are treating me like a dog.  Which I am clearly not.  In fact I’m surrounded by dogs here and it’s doing my freaking head in … Continue reading