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Tribute video for Nicole

Lessons learned. Grief is not linear. I am not gradually feeling better every day. Some days are much easier than others. That’s about all I can aim for right now. Last week Nicole’s work place in NY held a memorial service in her honor. They paid for her mum to travel from Australia to attend. … Continue reading

Dating in a post breast cancer world

We’ve all heard of women who met the love of their life after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  There’s even a girl in a young pink sisters facebook group I belong to, that recently got engaged to a man she started dating in the thick of chemo.  These are the stories I love hearing about, … Continue reading

The fear

Who has ever heard of the saying (or is it a sentiment) that fear is a waste of emotion?   I tend to think this is a pretty accurate depiction.  Mostly because fear is almost always a feeling about an event that may or (more often) may not happen.  And it can be totally debilitating. … Continue reading

Time for some iron

Time for some iron

When last I wrote I was full of bravado and bullet proofness.  I’m afraid to say things haven’t been all that straight forward in the time since then.  Sure, I’ve had some high times, but life has also interfered with the ride along the way. I’m about to tell you something that you may not … Continue reading