Pictures of me, pre and post diagnosis

Carefree and happy in NYC, June 2010

Just 3 months later...with my niece post my cancer diagnosis & double mastectomy pre chemo.

Oct. 2010 - short hair, post op at my Oprah inspired hat/scarf/wig party

Oct 2010, with my mum and sister post op, pre chemo

Dec 2010, the big shave 1

The big shave 2, a brief mohawk!

In my original wig (half human hair and $1500!)

2 thoughts on “Pictures of me, pre and post diagnosis

  1. I was diagnosed with stage 4 BC only months after my 40th birthday, and just finished my third round of weeked Taxol on October 14. I have no idea yet how many months of chemo I have left and still have to have surgery and am still scared but reading your blog today helped. I had my follow-up CT scan yesterday and see my oncologist next Thursday. I’m hoping for good news but hope is a hard thing these days.

    • I am so happy I helped you a little, it’s a scary time and I think knowing you are not alone in this really does make it easier to deal with. The thing I find best to manage myself is to simply try and not worry about the future, to just work with what you’ve got today – and make every day as good as it can be. Not always possible, but it’s worth a try. Thinking of you and sending prayers your way. xx

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