Dating after breast cancer….finally a good story!

I have to say I am very used to being on my own. I like (love) my life as it is. I don’t feel like I need a man to complete me. Plus after the ravages of breast cancer on my body I pretty much decided to close the shop. Sure I had the odd online date, but my heart wasn’t really in it.  But this year I was nudged to create change (both when doing pre reading for health coaching and by my excellent therapist).  I resisted at first but in time ultimately decided it was time to focus on finding love.

On new years Eve 2014/2015, I made a vow. After spending my year in 2014 focused on gratitude, I decided that 2015 would be about love.  Not just about romantic love but continually reminding myself that love is the greatest gift of all. That seeing all things with love makes the world look better. I also committed to myself that I would try a lot harder to date.  Online dating being the easiest way to facilitate said activities.

So I have been dating more this year. I met a couple of guys I thought I quite liked.  One I went out with three times even.  And then, out of nowhere,  along comes someone – from Tinder no  less – who blows every other attempt (for the past five years) out of the water.  And yes……… I am still dating that guy.

It’s very early days (2 months so far) but it’s promising. He makes me go weak at the knees and I seem to have the same effect on him.  Such good stuff.

Here’s what I’ve learned. Breast cancer does NOT equal dating suicide. My body is not so nearly as ravaged as I thought. It is stepping up to the challenge quite nicely actually. And it feels good. Really good.  Seems it just took the right guy for me to let my guard down enough to realize. I read my last post about dating here from 2 years ago and it stated firmly that I have no sex drive to speak of. Guess what, now that I have a man in the picture who I really like (and fancy) it’s back. I mean maybe not at the dizzy heights of pre BC but most definitely back.

My life was very excellent without a ‘love interest’. But I have to say it was missing something rather important in retrospect. And now that I have made this discovery I intend to honor it.  First up by enjoying what is going on right now to the maximum. Longer term….who knows 😉


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