One year older = yay!

After having had breast cancer and even more since losing Nicole, I have a new appreciation for birthdays. I’ve decided to embrace every year older and celebrate making it.

This year, I had a virtual festival!  Here’s what I did…

Firstly, Chilli and I checked into Riverview B&B (where I stayed after foot surgery) for the weekend. I love getting out of the city and Nyack is especially pretty at this time of year.

It got even better when Emsy kindly had her first night away from gorgeous Harry and spent it at the B&B with me. We went out for dinner in town and we had a blast. Finishing up with a suprise cake (thanks Emsy!). Let’s call that birthday celebration one.

Then on Sunday, I had booked Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Nicole/Dave/Emma/Julian had been previously and at Nic’s recommendation it was high on my must visit list. It was even better than I ever expected. This place takes farm to table cuisine to another level. Every morsel was delicous. Dave, Harry, Francisco and Jen all caught the train out to join us (the restaurant is a 15 min. drive from Nyack). We had a super civilized, all round perfect time.

Lunch finished around 5.30pm and the team headed back to NY on the train. Except Chilli and I. We stayed at a local hotel and explored somemore. As you can see I caught an excptional sunset.

Then I woke up on my birthday in the lovely Tarrytown. The festival did not end there….to be continued.


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