Posted in August 2013

Ironman inspiration

Canada – Mont Tremblant Ironman (IMMT) Last weekend I went to watch my friend Heather do her first ironman. Lucky for me this meant traveling to Canada/Montreal/Mont Tremblant. I’d never been to Canada before which made it all the more exciting and adventurous. And it was. Of course it made me want to do the … Continue reading

Chilli and I do Montauk

Montauk.  Again.  We can’t and wont get sick of it – back again next weekend = happy gals (speaking for Chilli too).  This time we stayed at the Yacht Club.  It was OK, great amenities but a bit too far out of town for our liking.  Highlight was spending my Sunday on the hotels mini … Continue reading

The fear

Who has ever heard of the saying (or is it a sentiment) that fear is a waste of emotion?   I tend to think this is a pretty accurate depiction.  Mostly because fear is almost always a feeling about an event that may or (more often) may not happen.  And it can be totally debilitating. … Continue reading

Summer time in the city – NYC

NYC Summer 2013 I have finally spent a couple of weekends at home and recovered enough to get out and about.  Lots of people complain about New York in summer (it’s too hot, it smells etc).  But I love it.  I would have to say my favorite part is the Hudson at dusk.  So pretty … Continue reading

Citibike love

Citibike love! I got my Citibike key in the post shortly after surgery and I couldn’t wait to be recovered enough to hop on.  Of course I got on a bike well before I should have.  But I quickly discovered that biking put less pressure on my feet than walking (it’s true I promise).  My … Continue reading