Posted in May 2013

Austin and meeting jane!

Austin Texas, Memorial Day long weekend 2013  2 days in. The weather has been rubbish but there’s change in the air! Meanwhile we’re having a wonderful time just the same.

Biking in the city – that’s NYC

On the bike! My training for the half ironman has been really intense over the past few weeks.  In particular, I have ridden the past 3 Saturdays consecutively over increasing distances, first 50 miles, then 60 and last Sat 70 miles.  That’s 110km, I can hardly believe it myself.  We always follow our long rides … Continue reading

Work, work, work

Pitching. I have been Tumblr absent these past 2 weeks. That’s because in my line of work new business is an all encompassing affair. But it’s over now and these are the smiles to prove it. Somehow I managed to keep the training going and to move at the same time. Crazy, right?