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Happy, happy, happy

Is pretty much how I feel at the moment.   My New York news has certainly put a smile on my face.   And since I last wrote I can report they also came to the party salary wise, so I’ve even gone past happy and on to stoked (Aussie slang for thrilled). As I plan for … Continue reading

Empire State of Mind

Empire State of Mind

Let’s hear it for New York!  Guess what?  Bet you’ve got no clue (haha as if) – I got my New York offer!!  AND it’s nothing short of amazing – full relocation, plenty of holidays and even perks I’d never dreamed up before.  The salary was on the low slide (but not too low), so … Continue reading

Doing it anyway!

I don’t need a man to go and do a triathlon with, instead I now have a trusty girl friend along as my support crew.   Now back to sh*tting bricks again due to limited amounted of training of late.  Oh well, intending to treat it more like a training session and do it easy.   My … Continue reading


TTA and I had dinner last night and further hatched our plans for this weekend.   We decided that he would sort out entries and I would take care of accomodation. This morning I held up my end of the deal and sent through a number of options.  Then I waited.  And waited. And waited. Finally … Continue reading

Enjoying the new year, nutrition focus

Enjoying the new year, nutrition focus

I have embarked on a new eating plan (well it’s more evolution than new), which I’m rather enjoying.  Yes I’m attempting to budge a couple of kg, but more importantly, I am focusing on health and nutrition rather than calorie reduction.  At 40, I’ve decided my body has pretty much found its ‘set point’ and … Continue reading

Triathlon, travel, art

So I had a date yesterday, with a young man by the name of tritravelart.  I met him out at a bar last Thu night and he got my number.  Haha, yeah right, of course that’s not true, I met him on the internet 😉 Anyways, probably due to the impending NY relocation I was … Continue reading

In the midst of bedlam, some very good news

Unbelievably, my emotionally charged week continued to throw up further challenges. With my close family all away on holidays (my brother, wife and kids are also off), when the next drama struck, it was on my shoulders again…. As I’ve mentioned on here before, my father is an alcoholic.  And before you say you think … Continue reading

Solid progress, against all odds

Solid progress, against all odds

Aaaargh, what a week.  What a horrible, emotional, tough week.  I thought 2012 was supposed to be a better year?   I can only assume this is a small hangover from 2011 and things will improve from here in. On Saturday my mother arrived at my house bearing gifts.  Two dogs.   One, hers who I have … Continue reading

2012 starts tomorrow!

Yes I know I’m a bit late, but for me, tomorrow the new year starts in earnest.  As in holidays are over and it’s back to routine.   I don’t know about you, but I can never start anything ‘new’ mid week. Not that this is really new mind you, just time to up the discipline, … Continue reading

Cancel the alarm bells

I do not have lymphoedema.  In fact, according to the very fancy machine at the specialists, my right arm is a mere 1.3% bigger than my left.  Which is actually on the small side when you consider that I’m right handed (so my muscles would favor that side). After asking me a number of questions, … Continue reading