Posted in September 2011

Hooray, hooray, it’s a holi, holiday!

As mentioned in my last post I am very excitingly approaching a holiday.  Actually, I’ve got a few up my sleeve.  I don’t mean to boast but over the next few months you will notice me coming and going quite a bit.  So, I thought I better share the details –  not to make you … Continue reading

New nipples at $1k a pop….pfffft

I went to the plastic surgeon at lunch today to discuss the next stage of my reconstruction – that being the nipples.  Kind of dragged my feet up there, more surgery is not high on my list of entertainment options right now. There was some good news and some bad news.   I’ll start with the … Continue reading

Let the dating begin!

Well actually, truth be known, I already have…. I’ve decided it’s high time I started venturing back out into the dating game. Yes I am still sans nipples, but we’ll cross that bridge (or undo that button) when we come to it! Now that I’m fessing up about this news, I must also tell you … Continue reading

My inaugural cancerversary

How did we get here already?  A full year since that dreaded day when I was shuffled from Dr to Dr, test to test, machine to machine and ultimately told I had breast cancer. I have definitely found the anniversary has triggered a lot of thinking about this time a year back.  Lying in bed … Continue reading

A message from the Universe

If ever I was convinced that the Universe is reaching out to me with a message, it is now.   And the message is, I am to volunteer at an orphanage in Nepal at some point in the future.  Let me explain. This all probably started with Terri a fellow life after breast cancer blogger, who … Continue reading

Motivation matters

As the heading says….motivation matters. This week, my lack of motivation at work came to a head.  Not with anyone else, mind you, just with me internally.   Thankfully, I still seem to be doing enough not to raise any eyebrows.  But I am well aware that I am doing only what must be done, rather … Continue reading

Cry me a river

During chemotherapy, it became evident that I was far more emotional than I’d been in the past.  I decided this was another one of the many wonderful side effects of the drugs. But, I finished chemotherapy some 4.5 months ago now….and the tears haven’t stopped.   Don’t worry about me too much.  These are not the … Continue reading