Posted in August 2011

A letter to my 16 year old self

I was reading Annie’s blog this week and her latest post inspired me so much I have decided to embrace the theme here. Annie wrote a letter to her 16 year old self, which created a lot of comments and feedback and it was just a wonderful post and don’t we all wish we could … Continue reading


It’s lunch time and I am chained to my desk at the moment at the office. But, but, but, (sorry Annie at least I didn’t say anyway, anyway, anyway) I could not help myself but write a very quick post to update you all of my very exciting news. I met with my uber big … Continue reading

The cost of breast cancer

Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I have had a new – and ever increasing – pile of bills in my life. I have learned the hard way that you can’t walk into a surgery or hospital without creating a fresh influx. Just so you know I’m not exaggerating, I would estimate that … Continue reading

I’m gonna cry you through it

I’m gonna cry you through it

The lovely Jane (who is an awesome cheer squad) sent me a link to Martina McBrides new song ‘I’m gonna love you through it’, which I have renamed ‘I’m gonna cry you through it’. It’s a thoroughly sentimental song about the wonderful love and support you receive through breast cancer – if you’re as blessed … Continue reading



Well a victory of sorts. I didn’t quite achieve my target of improving on last years pre breast cancer city to surf* time….but I was only 30 seconds behind it. And in an even bigger victory, I am still very happy with myself. Yay! Actually, truth be known, I have discovered in retrospect that putting … Continue reading

Here I go again with my high expectations

So last weeks ‘fun’ run was a huge success and I managed to run the fastest 7km of my life.   Of course I’ve never raced 7km before, but last year I raced 8km twice and my time per km was considerably faster on Sunday (say 5-10 secs per km).  Cue enormous smile on my dial, … Continue reading

All sporty today!

My very lovely Oncologist asked me a couple of months back if I could help him raise money for the hospitals planned ‘cancer survivor center’.  You see he figured that the advertising industry must be full of bursting wallets and I was the key to unlock them.  How could I say no?  No, I couldn’t! … Continue reading

Just somebody that I used to know

Something very exciting has happened over the past week….I have rediscovered my passion for music.  To be fair I hadn’t even realised I’d lost it.   But now that it’s back it seems fairly obvious that it disappeared.  I mean, I hadn’t bought any music in like months and months.  That is not normal for me … Continue reading