Posted in July 2011


I went to my first young womens breast cancer support group at my hospital  this week.  They’re on monthly at the moment and I’ve been wanting to go but work unfortunately has gotten in the way on the last couple of occasions.   Finally, the diary worked and just in time for….sex! No I didn’t have … Continue reading

But will America want me?

I was listening to some talk radio on Monday night (driving home from work) and the topic of conversation was immigration style Visas.  Now, by no means was it directly relevant to my intended move to NY but nevertheless it was kind of related and what I heard turned out to sound a little scary. … Continue reading

Ahhhh my beautiful nieces!

Must relay the car conversation this morning, so innocent and cute. Miss 4 begins the chat with ‘why do aunties have to go to work’?  This is because the girls find it frustrating that unlike mummy and nanna, I am busy with this working business.   You see, they have decided based on their experience of … Continue reading

Risk/adventure analysis

Risk/adventure analysis

I have invested a considerable amount of time since last posting planning my cheese moving mission.   As alluded to in the heading, the first step was the aforementioned analysis.  These were the options I came up with: Lowest risk/lowest adventure:  Get a new job (in Sydney), one that leverages my experience and skills but is … Continue reading

On the same wave length?

I just read a wonderful blog post by Terri Wingham @afreshchapter.  I think she might be about to move her cheese too.   I urge you to read it and follow her blog for some beautiful writing and thoughts. Fight the fear and do it anyway I say!

That’s it, I’m moving my cheese!

That’s it, I’m moving my cheese!

On more than one occasion, I’ve spoken of my hate for breast cancer (actually any cancer) and my lack of conviction that I will ever be ‘glad’ it happened to me.  I mean we all hear about those other wise souls who have moved into positive reflection, but in reality, I mean, really? Are you … Continue reading

In news today, I hate breast cancer!

It’s been a while since I had a good rant.  Actually it’s been a while since I felt like having a good rant!  Before I start, I must say I realise that I am probably over reacting, in an emotional mood and there are far worse things that could happen. etc, etc, etc. Today, I … Continue reading

One step backwards

And that’s about how life feels right now friends.  The old two steps forward, one step backwards. I had a feeling that I would feel a little out of sorts after the (tissue expander implant exchange) operation.  Correct.  At the hospital cocooned in pain killers and continual medical check ups, I was mostly just thinking … Continue reading