Posted in May 2011

Beading Ceremony

Beading Ceremony

I’ve never heard of a beading ceremony until recently, but they are a lovely way to celebrate a special person.   The way it works is, a group of friends (girls) gather and jointly create a beaded talisman.    Whilst sitting in a circle, a bowl is passed around and as you select a bead to thread, … Continue reading

Something to believe in

I am reading Hugh Mackays book, “What Makes us Tick” at the moment.    The theory behind the book is that all of human behavior is driven by ten desires.     I’m up to the chapter titled ‘the desire for something to believe in’. Even without Hughs book, this is a subject I have been giving some … Continue reading

Definitely in 2nd…maybe even 3rd!

The conversation with my boss very much went to plan.   He reassured me that I have his full support having decided to continue in my current role.  So, all that emotional turmoil for nothing?  Actually, no…the truth is I now realise I needed to work through the work thing properly and whilst it wasn’t a … Continue reading

Change of gears

Quick post as it’s early Wed morning and I have to be at the office in an hour. I am meeting with my boss in a few hours to give him my response on our career conversation.  Given I have spoken to him regarding one work matter or another every day since our chat, I … Continue reading

It’s getting hot in here!

It’s getting hot in here!

While I was in Bali, I was continually banging on to mum about the fact that I was experiencing hot flashes/flushes. To be fair, these didn’t magically appear 3 weeks ago.  They started occurring when I was going through chemotherapy, and seemed to gradually increase during the Taxol phase.  They didn’t worry me too much … Continue reading

Boob Job

Seriously, nothing is ever straight forward in my world! As it turns out, it is apparently quite common for tissue expanders to sit up high (like mine).   Basically, it’s due to the fact that they put them under two lots of muscle and due to the angle, the implants tend to travel the path of … Continue reading

What happens next?

Over the past few weeks my blog posts have been filled with count downs and milestones.  First there was the chemo countdown, then the end of chemo milestone, followed by the 40th birthday milestone and then the count down to Bali. I have now returned from the last on the list – my trip to … Continue reading