Posted in February 2011

Taxol 4 today, then 8 to go

Wow, once today is through, I am officially a 3rd of the way through Taxol.  Not that I’m counting down or anything.  Actually the best thing about having Taxol weekly is how quickly the countdown comes around each week. Also, I have to say at this point I am still experiencing very few side effects.  … Continue reading

A reality check

Further to last post…I went on sort of date on Friday night. We spent the first half an hour, updating each other on our health.   Turns out, yes he did have cancer last year – bowel – but no he didn’t do chemo.  I felt kind of duped, like that’s not even really bad (ha, … Continue reading

A sort of date

From the not in the mood to date right now gal…. Yesterday, I got ‘matched’ with a guy I went out with once about 5 years ago.  My vague memory of the situation goes….nice bloke, a bit too casually dressed for my liking, would have gone out with him again but didn’t really feel ‘it’ … Continue reading

Chemo was kinda fun today

Who would have ever thought I would type chemo and fun in the same sentence?  Not me. The thing is, you start to get to know many of the other patients when you’ve been going to chemo for a while.  There is actually one woman who has pretty much been there every single time I … Continue reading

Taxol/herceptin round two tomorrow

The nurse told me my 12 x Taxols would go quickly.   I think she was right.  I mean I only have 11 left and by this time tomorrow there will only be 10! This is a quick post as I have a work dinner/drinks to go to.   Which kind of says a lot.    But … Continue reading

A return to routine

Tomorrow marks a week since my return to work. As you will know if you’ve been following my blog, I wasn’t too excited about heading back.  The past few months have been tough at times and trying to give the business my full attention was much more challenging than I ever anticipated.   After initially … Continue reading

Day one Taxol/Herceptin

I know it’s too soon to be getting over excited, but I have had my first of 12 taxol/herceptin treatments today and I already can feel how much easier this is going to be than AC.   Typically at this point, my eyes look glazed and feel heavy.  Not today! So, I am off to a … Continue reading

Matters of the Heart

I had to have another heart scan this week, prior starting Herceptin.   It’s a pretty straightforward exercise, but this second time around, I found it much more challenging.   Why?  Well, it would appear, that I have developed a fear of having stuff injected into my arm.   As soon as I realised that they were about … Continue reading