Posted in January 2011

Goodbye AC chemo, I wont miss you!

Goodbye AC chemo, I wont miss you!

I am very pleased to say, the aliens have left the building.  Or in other words, I am feeling myself again.  Actually, I just hung up from a friend who said ‘oh my god, you sound like yourself again for the first time in a week’.     No sh*t!’ True to form, the side effects of … Continue reading

AC chemo round 4, days 2 & 3

I must say the day of (apart from the actual treatment) and yesterday were better than for AC round 3.  Pretty sure the emotional turmoil I was in at the time was the culprit then.  But who knows really, all I am sure of is that yesterday in particular I was up and about a … Continue reading

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good.  I had a wonderful four days up North.  Health wise I felt tired but otherwise really well.  So I made the most of the holiday vibe to catch up on some much needed zzzzzs.   What is it about being away that makes me so much better able to sleep?    I also went to … Continue reading

Mini Break

Well there’s 5 more days until AC chemo round 4, no better way to spend them than by having a little holiday! My mum, sister and sis’s family have jaunted off up the Coast.  I was always invited, but given the fact chemo has made my life kind of unpredictable, I declined.   But, I’m feeling … Continue reading

Love and other drugs

Love and other drugs

I went to see ‘Love and Other Drugs’ at the movies with my mother yesterday.   I was warned by a friend that it was a real tear jerker.  No problem thought I, I rarely shed a tear at the movies, and I love a good rom-com.    It was quite a shock to me and … Continue reading

AC chemo round 3, progress update

It’s been a week today since I had my 3rd round of AC chemo. There is no doubt about it, each round is becoming more of a challenge.  It is a relief that there is only one more round to go, although it is approaching so quickly I am more dreading it than wanting to … Continue reading

AC chemo round 3, day 6

Feeling sooooooooo much better!  Excitingly, is a bit earlier than I expected as well.  Oh the sweet relief. I was still pretty tired throughout yesterday but I wasn’t floored by lack of energy.  I managed to swim 1.5km (very slowly, and my arms actually ached a bit).  I didn’t have any sleep during the day … Continue reading

AC chemo, round 3, days 2-5 thus far

In a nutshell, I haven’t been having too much fun these past few days. I’ve definitely found the 3rd round much harder than 1 and 2, and am already fully dreading round 4.    But yes at least there is only one more AC round to go.  Phew.  This too shall pass, this too shall pass, … Continue reading

AC Chemo, Round 3, Day of

Before I get into the details of today’s chemo I need to start with some context.   I had an astrology reading done last week.  It was very positive health wise and showed me feeling my better self by April/May which is around the time my chemo ends.  It also mentioned that my strength will get … Continue reading