Posted in December 2010

Goodbye 2010

Before focusing on the year to come, I thought it was a good idea to lay the current one to rest. While 2010, will be for ever known as the year I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it wasn’t just that.  It was a great year for me actually on many levels: I saw in … Continue reading

What goes up….

I had a great Xmas.  I went in to it full of excitement and it lived up to all my expectations.   My nieces and nephews are definitely to blame.  Oh and Chilli, she had lots of fun as well and that made me happy! But, I have to admit, since then, I have been feeling … Continue reading

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas

This Xmas, I’m more aware than ever before how important the people in my life are –  particularly my family and friends.  I’ve said it before, but I genuinely feel blessed to have so many people around me who love and care for me. So, on this Xmas, I just want to say a big … Continue reading

Merry Xmas Me!

So, guess what I bought myself for Xmas.  No idea?  Two more wigs! Now as you know, I have been pretty anti wigs overall.  But, after the last chemo I’ve been work-shopping my poor attitude, only to decide I was taking the whole thing too seriously. My new wigs are as much about me having … Continue reading

AC chemotherapy – the good

I’m always reading what seem long lists of the side effects of AC chemo, which are all negative.  I thought I’d dedicate to a post to what could be considered positive ‘side effects’ of the treatment. So, from my experience, here’s what you have to look forward to if you are about to start treatment: … Continue reading

The highs and lows of chemo

First note to self….remember proverb ‘This too shall pass’ at all times! After having a documented tough struggle for 5 days after chemo (AC round 2), I once again have bounced back to full health – and actually feeling more energetic than was the norm before any of this breast cancer business. I am unsure … Continue reading

Do chemo and work mix?

From the outset, I have been told that working during chemo is an individual thing. I guess it comes back to the severity of the side effects – and these differ enormously depending on type, dose and your own constitution. I decided early that I was going to try to work through and minimise my … Continue reading

AC chemo round 2, day 3 & 4

Day 3 was ok’ish. I started out with a swim, then had breakfast at a friends. I think she was a bit shocked at how wiped I felt, and was hoping for a bit more help having just moved house. I was mostly just laying around and indulging in my favorite chemo past time (eating). … Continue reading