Posted in November 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

I don’t know why I am so eagerly awaiting my hair starting to fall out.  I mean, it’s not like I want it to!  It’s just so damn fascinating though, something like how you can’t help but look at a car crash I guess… So, each day I wake up and check to see if … Continue reading

More on my new life

Well at least my temporary new life. I mentioned last week how odd it felt being out on Saturday night as a non drinker.  Once again last night was Saturday night and I had a party to go.  At the party, unsurprisingly, I was surrounded by mates becoming progressively pissed with every hour that passed.  … Continue reading

Respite is goooood

I have continued to feel pretty much my old self for the past couple of days.  Only better because after how rubbish I felt earlier in the week I now seem to be on a bit of a high just because I feel normal. My training regime has continued – 7km run yesterday, 1.5km swim … Continue reading

Chemotherapy round 1, day 5

I went back to work today as planned.  I have to say it was harder than I had hoped.  The queasy tummy is still a problem, but it was the tiredness that really got to me.  I had  a 2 hour meeting from 10.00am and actually found it hard to keep my eyes open towards … Continue reading

Chemotherapy, round 1, day 4

My first thought on waking was that my nausea (queasiness) was definitely better than yesterday.  With this in mind, I set my sights on a longish slow run as planned. I ran 7km around the local neighborhood, which is fairly hilly.  With a heart rate max goal of 140, I really didn’t get much of … Continue reading

Chemotherapy round 1, day 3

Well yesterday proceeded in the manner it began.  I continued to feel well enough to pretty much do what I pleased.   I spent a couple of hours watching my nieces and nephews in swimming club races in the late afternoon.  Then I had a little lie down before getting ready for my friends Xmas drinks … Continue reading

Chemotherapy, round 1, day 2

As mentioned yesterday, I was sitting around much of the afternoon waiting for something more to happen (side effect wise).  Well I have to say, what a waste of time that was.   I ended up watching ‘Julia and Juliette’ on DVD, which inspired me to get up and cook dinner (rather than wait for … Continue reading

First Chemotherapy treatment

Well, the day finally dawned today when I had to go through my first chemo treatment. I didn’t sleep too well, and thought I might as well go for an early run, given I don’t know exactly how I’ll be feeling from here on in.   I took it pretty easy but was glad I did … Continue reading

Back to work

I am now on day three of being back at the office.  So how do I feel? Actually I might preface this post by saying that NBF and I have hit the skids.  Wont go into it now, maybe another time, but I have been feeling pretty vulnerable over the past week.   So with this … Continue reading